Why buy a property for sale in Greece?

Someone for the sun and the climate, others for the culture, others for the profitable real estate market: more and more people think about buying a property for sale in Greece.

You can choose one of those beautiful typical buildings, white and blue with a sea view, for a dreamy summer holiday. Or maybe an apartment in major tourist resorts, such as Mykonos, Rhodes, Corfu or Zakynthos, to be rented to tourists all year round.

And why not, a property for sale in the capital Athens, inland or in smaller places to look for a capital gain by selling it to the highest value?

The landscape, the strong tourist potential and favourable conditions of buying and selling invite you to leave the door open and evaluate a second home purchase in the islands or in the Hellenic peninsula.

Buying a property for sale in Greece is convenient

Greece’s real estate market is one of the few in Europe that has not yet recovered from the heavy economic crisis of 2008.

The recession that has hit the country in the last decade has in fact forced many people to renounce their second homes or even to sell their residences.

At present, therefore, buying a house in Greece is not only viable but also interesting.

Buying a property for sale in Greece can be a great investment property to benefit from future capital gains once the market has recovered.

Buying a property for sale in Greece or opting for an apartment in this land often involves choosing very popular destinations such as: the islands of Corfu, Crete and Rhodes, Mikonos, Santorini and Milos, from the Cyclades archipelago, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and the Ionian islands, the closest to Italy and within reach of the ferry.

Then there is Athens, the capital. The city of Parthenon attracts many buyers not only for its history and artistic beauties but also for its prices.

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